Ps3 Repair

Hello all, Joseph here to tell an end to your Ps3 death having worries. Ever see that dreaded yellow light flicker followed by that unforgivable red screen on your tv? Well instead of sending it in to Sony and waiting on weeks end until they send it back to you with a huge bill following close behind, have you ever thought about saving your ps3 from the clutches of the game reaper with your own hands?

While i was playing God Of War, fighting epic battles until I noticed something odd about my Ps3… It immediately shut my game off and began to flash with an oh so annoying yellow light and a crimson red screen which at the time i had no clue what to do, so i started looking for guides and tutorials that could help me but to no avail… Afterwords i decided to give Sony a call and see if they would repair my system and they said yes but my excitement died when they told me it would cost over $300 for shipping and repair cost, i felt as if i got punched in the stomach a second time and there i was again online looking for a guide until i stumbled across and read through it and decided to give it a go and to my surprise the guides work wonders for me, it took a while but I fixed my system within hours thanks to Rob Sheffield.

Rob Sheffield is a ps3 repairman from Melbourne, Australia and has been fixing ps3 ever since they descended from the heavens. Rob has made very detailed but easy to follow videos on his website that you can view to repair a ps3 in a matter of hours, and another cool thing is he has a 24 hour help desk just in case you get stuck on certain parts of the lesson which helped me out quite a bit since i’m not that experienced with hardware most the time.

Time for the good and ugly guys, now if you’re looking to fix your system or anyone elses for that matter it’s an very easy and very detailed guide which doesn’t skip a beat and you’d have the ability to fix PlayStations at will  to make a bit of money on the side.

If you would like to visit his site click here.

Now the one big ugly thing is terminology, the first thing i’d like to say is the terminology in the course is a bit advance at first  and hard to follow when your in the middle of fixing your system which could be a little harder for those who arn’t internet savvy.

If you guys are interested check it out, it’s just something i wanted to share with those who encountered the same problems i did.


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